It is a project that was born to offer the freedom that many of us desire in this exciting world of Virtual Aviation. Fly with the latest ACARS Flight system, connect to IVAO and fly with us. Develop your career as a virtual pilot, doing a good management of your flights calculating weights and fuel, making good shots and making each flight profitable to get maximum benefits. Welcome aboard!

  • We are a group where mutual respect reigns.
  • We are not related to any real airline, it is a virtual environment of simulation air, non-profit.
  • Here the desire to learn, good work and friendship triumph, we get as close as possible to reality.
  • Any questions or suggestions you have will be answered as soon as possible.

Do you like the world of aviation? Do you want to join our family? Register on our website and fly with us around the world.


The Services We Offer

A varied fleet

We have from small turboprops to large aircraft to cover long routes.

More than 500 routes

Great number of flights with national and international destinations!

Latest technology

We have systems and programs such as SmartCars to facilitate the flight to the pilot.

Continuous improvements

We have constant improvements in textures, systems or documents.

Our Pilots